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High Speed Double Planetary Power Mixer for Silicone Sealant

Planetary Mixer is a new kind of advanced mixing equipment, which consists of high-speed part, low speed part, scraper axis activity part.This equipment is designed for the mixing, dispersing, and homogenizing of high-viscosity materials such as a variety of liquids and powders.
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Disperser Motor(Kw):
Revolution Motor(Kw):
Revolution Speed(Rmp):
Rotation Speed(Rpm):
Disperser Speed(Rpm):

Main Features
1. Various stirring tools combinations including high-speed with high-speed, high-speed with low-speed, and low-speed with low-speed.
2. High-speed part is divided into high shear emulsification device, high-speed dispersion device, high-speed propulsion device and butterfly stirring device. Low-speed part is divided into anchor stirring, paddle stirring, spiral stirring, helical ribbon stirring, rectangular stirring and so on. Any combination has its unique mixing effect for different materials.
3. Vacuum production condition can be achieved by reliable airproof tank.
4. Tank with jacket for heating or cooling requirement.
5. Changeable inner tank with precision process, easy cleaning.
6. Peculiar temperature sensor ensures no temperature difference control and inspect function.
7. The mixing system driven by hydraulic power make the operation convenient.
8. Extensive adaptability for different materials and processes.