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Horizontal Plow Blade Mixer

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This product is suitable for mixing
of powder with powder, powder with liquid and powder with paste. The machine has the dispersing function of high-speed flying knives, and the materials can be uniformly mixed in a short time under the dual action of plowshares and flying knives, especially for the mixing and stirring of powder and paste materials and powder and fiber materials. It is a new type of mixing equipment with high efficiency, high uniformity, high crushing, low energy consumption and low pollution, and is especially suitable for production and use in assembly lines.
  • MDH-100
  • Karvil
  • 847982

Production Capacity: 0-50 Tons/Hour


>Ordinary carbon steel, SUS304 and 316L are available for meeting the hygiene, corrosion and wear resistance requirements.

>Liquid addition function by spraying liquid.

>Heating and cooling function to meet the constant temperature requirements.

>Operation including batching, feeding and packaging can be manual or automatic.

Horizontal Plow Blade Mixer

Technical Parameters:

Equipment Type  Equipment Volume
Production Volume
Mixing Quantity
Main Motor(Kw) Speed of Main Shaft
Flying Knife Motor(Kw) Speed of Flying Knife(R/Min) External Dimensions
Equipment Weight
MDH-100 100 30-80 <100 3 0-80 1-1.5 1440 or 2880 1500*500*700 500
MDH-1000 1000 300-800 <600 11 45 2-3 2700*1000*1450 2100
MDH-4000 4000 1000-3200 <2500 30 45 3-4 4100*1400*2000 4500
MDH-10000 10000 3000-8000 <5000 45 15 5.5-6 6000*1800*2500 9500

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