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Horizontal Ribbon Blender Mixer

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This product is suitable for mixing of powder with powder,powder with liquid; The horizontal U-shape cylinder is adopted with a double-layer spiral belt stirring structure, and the outer spiral belt pushes inward and the inner spiral belt pushes outward, so that the materials can be flexibly sheared and dislocated to achieve the purpose of fast and uniform stirring.
  • WLDH-100
  • Karvil
  • 847982

Production Capacity: 10 tons/hour


>     Ordinary carbon steel, SUS304 and 316L are available for meeting the hygiene, corrosion and wear resistance requirements.

>Liquid addition function by spraying liquid.

>Heating and cooling function to meet the constant temperature requirements.

>Operation including batching, feeding and packaging can be manual or automatic.

>High efficiency and low energy consumption.

>High uniformity and low materials breakage.

Horizontal Ribbon Blender

Horizontal Ribbon Blender

Equipment Type  Equipment Volume
Production Volume
Mixing Quantity
Power(Kw) Speed of Main Shaft
External Dimensions
Equipment Weight
WLDH-100 100 30-60 <100 3 0-60 1500*500*700 400
WLDH-1000 1000 300-600 <600 11 33 2700*1000*1450 1800
WLDH-4000 4000 1000-2500 <2500 30 33 4100*1400*2000 4000
WLDH-10000 10000 3000-6000 <5000 45 12 6000*1800*2500 8500

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