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How to Use The Kneader Safely

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How to Use The Kneader Safely

Kneader can be used in semi-dry or rubbery viscous materials for  reacting and mixing quickly. This is due to the strong shearing fuction of a pair of cooperating and rotating Σ blades in the kneader. And the materials are further uniformly mixed after rapid reaction.

Kneaders play an important role in the field of chemical production and are suitable for silicone rubber, sealants, hot melt adhesives, food gum bases, pharmaceutical preparations, chewing gum, plasticine, etc.

So how to use the kneader Let me share with you some safety issues that need to be paid attention to when using the kneader.

1. Operators must wear work clothes, safety helmets, masks and goggles.

2. Before starting, make sure there is no debris in the kneader, and the pulley guard has been tightened, and the gear oil level in the reducer is between 1/2 and 2/3 of the oil level gauge. The manual kneader ensures that the rotating parts are free of abnormal noise and friction.

3. When starting, it should be confirmed again that there is no foreign matter in the kneader, and the kneader can be opened only after rotating the parts and staff. When starting, the kneader must be watched by a special person on site to ensure that the staff first open the circuit breaker in the power distribution room, and then open the on-site switch to close.

4. After starting, observe whether the current is within the range when the machine is running empty, and observe whether the operation of the mechanical transmission part is normal. If there is vibration or abnormal noise, stop checking and troubleshooting immediately.

5. Close the inlet and outlet valves of the cooling water pump, turn the cooling water pump flexibly by hand, and then electric the cooling water pump to see if the steering is correct. Make sure the cooling water pump is steered correctly and idling well, then open the water inlet valve of the cooling water pump. When turning on the circulating cooling water, the principle of water first and then water should be followed to ensure that the equipment shell is not squeezed and burst.

6. The cooling water pump of the water inlet and outlet valve of the kneader is fully opened. According to the pressure gauge on the outlet pipeline of the cooling water pump, gradually open the outlet valve of the cooling water pump to ensure that the cooling water pressure does not exceed 0.3Mpa. If the pressure gauge reacts abnormally during opening the outlet valve of the cooling water pump, the pump should be stopped immediately to replace with a new pressure gauge, and then continue the operation.

7. Feeding should follow the principle of "even feeding, small amount of rapid feeding", and keep continuous and uniform feeding according to process requirements.

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