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Sigma Kneadinq Mixer

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>The Sigma mixer is consist of mixing chamber, frame support, hydraulic system, electric control system, discharge system and two Z shape blade in the chamber drove by the motor, and the two blade rotating with different speed, but can be controlled by the inverter. The Sigma blade mixer caused by a pair of mutually cooperating and rotating Z blades to produce a strong shearing action so that the semi-dry state or the rubbery viscous plastic material enables the material to react quickly to obtain a uniform mixing.
>Independent distribution box (control panel}, which can realize separate and precise control of stirring speed, heating or cooling temperature, stirring and discharging system.
  • NH-5
  • Karvil
  • 847982


> Structure: Including kneading/mixing system, machine base, hydraulic system, transmission system, electric control system, heating system (optional}, cooling system (optional}, vacuum system (optional}

> Discharging: Tilting discharging Screw extruding discharging Ball valve/bottom plate (manual, electrical, pneumatic)

> Heating: Electric heating, hot water heating, hot oil heating and steam heating.

> Cooling: Z blades water cooling, mixing chamber with jacket for cooling purpose.

> Vacuum system: Water-ring vacuum pump and buffer tank.

Kneadinq Mixer

Kneadinq Mixer

Type NH-5 NH-10 NH-100 NH-300 NH-500 NH-1000 NH-1500 NH-2000 NH-3000 NH-4000 NH-5000
Volume(L) 5 10 100 300 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000
Rotation Speed (Rpm) 33|23 33|23 35|22 37|21 37|21 35|25 30|16 30|16 38|27 38|27 38|27
Main Motor Power(Kw) 0.75 1.1 3-7.5 11-30 15-37 22-90 22-90 30-110 30-110 45-110 55-132
Heating Methods Steam Pressure (Mpa) 0.3
Electric Power(Kw) 1 1 4 9 16.2 27 32.4 40 72 72 96
Vacuum(Mpa) -0.094(Vacuum Kneader)
Pressure(Mpa) 0.45(Pressure Kneader) 0.35(Pressure Kneader)

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