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Bead Mill

The horizontal disc type bead mill is an improved, continuous working laboratory and production machine for wide variety of grinding applications, with low-cost and high grinding performance. The disk agitator shaft activates the grinding media with high intensity through the entire grinding chamber. Highly efficient separation devices adapted to the machine are available for separation of product and grinding media.
  • SW-5

  • Karvil

  • 847982



Patent grinding disc structure has a bigger action area for the grinding media.

Bigger shearing force and higher efficiency.

Continuous mass production, according to fineness requirements to adjust the speed of incoming and outgoing material.

Reduce the production loss caused by leakage.

>Feeding and discharging tubes are imported with good solvent resistant property.

>High security property.

>Stable performance, no vibration and noise.

>No metal pollution and discoloration.

>Frequency control and PLC are optional.

>Dynamic or static separating system for different material to ensure smooth discharging.

Bead Mill

Bead Mill

Bead Mill

Bead Mill

Model SW-5 SW-15 SW-20 SW-30 SW-50 SW-100
Dimension(Mm) 600*500*480 1530*800*1300 1690*800*1300 1690*850*1300 1900*900*1400 2000*900*1600
Ex-proof Motor(Kw) 3 15 18.5 22 30 55
Speed(Rpm) 1200 1055 870 870 800 680
Qty of Dispersion Plate(Pcs) 4 5 6 8 9 9
Viscosity(Pa.s) ≤10
Drum Material Stainless steel with wear-resistant treatment
Dispersion Plate Material Dearing Steel,GCr15
Grinding Fineness Reach below 10 microns after four times grinding
Capacity(Kg/8h) 300 1000-1500 2000 2000-2500 2500-3000 5000-6000

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