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Homogenizing Emulsifier

The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mainly refers to the material in the vacuum state, using the high shear emulsifier to quickly and evenly distribute one phase(pot) or more phases(pot) to another continuous phase(pot), using the strong kinetic energy brought by the machinery to make the material in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor, 100000 times of hydraulic shear. Centrifugal extrusion, impact tearing and other comprehensive effects, instant uniform dispersion emulsification, after high-frequency cycle, finally get no bubble fine and stable high-quality products
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Application area: 

It is suitable for heating, dissolving, homogenizing, emulsifying and vacuum degassing. It  is the preferred equipment for the production of middle and high-grade cream products  such as facial cleanser, ointment and cosmetics. The whole set of equipment is equipped  with oil phase boiler, water phase boiler, emulsification boiler, operation platform and  control console.  


  1. The ultra-high viscosity materials (more than 50000 c.p.s.) are emulsified and stirred  well, and the diameter of emulsified particles can reach 2-5 μ M.  2. Vacuum suction, production frequency, high operation frequency, simple and reliable  operation.  3. It can be used for heating, melting, vacuum, homogeneous cooling and penetrating  operation.  4. All made of stainless steel, vacuum stirring, sanitary, sterile, easy to clean.  5. The newly developed ceramic no gap high shear homogenizing emulsifier can make  the diameter of material particles reach 0.5 μ M

Homogenizing Emulsifier

Scope of application  Food: margarine, jam, Mummy  Cosmetics: cream, cream, lotion, toothpaste, dye paste, ion scalding, oxygen emulsion,  etc.  Medicine: all kinds of ointment (piyanping), antimicrobials, injection  Comprehensive: resin coating, paint, shoe polish, chemical fiber, etc.  Pharmaceutical industry: latex, emulsion, ointment (ointment), suppository, oral syrup,  etc.  Chemical industry: latex, sauce, saponification products, paint, coating, resin, adhesive,  etc.  Food industry: sauce, cheese, oral liquid, baby food, chocolate, sugar, etc.  Daily chemical industry: shampoo, shower gel, shampoo, washing liquid, hand sanitizer,  etc.

Homogenizing Emulsifier

Working principle  After the materials are heated and stirred in the water and oil pans, they are sucked into  the emulsifying pan by the vacuum pump and passed through the emulsifying pan. The  upper central stirring and polytetrafluoroethylene scraper always cater to the shape of the  agitating pan, and clean the wall sticking materials, so that the scraped materials  continuously produce new boundaries, and then cut, compress and fold the blades, make  it mix and flow down to the homogenizer under the pot. The material is cut in the shear  seam through the strong cutting, impact, turbulent flow and other processes between the  high-speed rotating cutting wheel and the fixed cutting sleeve. The material is quickly  broken into 200um-0.2um particles. Due to the vacuum state in the emulsifying pot, the  bubbles generated in the mixing process of the material are timely removed. By means of  vacuuming, bubbles are no longer mixed into the products during the mixing process, so  as to ensure that high-quality products with rich luster, fine and good ductility can be  produced.

Technical parameter

Model Main Pot Water Pot Oil Pot Main Pot Power(Kw) Homogenizer Speed (Rpm) Pressure(Mpa)
Volume(L) Wall Scraping Homogenizer
DZJR-5L 5 3 2 0.18 0.37 0-3500 -0.09
DZJR-50L 50 30 20 1.1 2.2 0-3500 -0.09
DZJR-100L 100 60 40 1.5 3 0-3500 -0.09
DZJR-200L 200 128 105 2.2 4 0-3500 -0.09
DZJR-300L 300 200 150 3.7 4 0-3500 -0.09
DZJR-400L 400 270 160 4 5.5 0-3500 -0.09
DZJR-500L 500 320 250 4 7.5 0-3500 -0.09
DZJR-1000L 1000 1150 500 5.5 18.5 0-3500 -0.09

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