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Production Line for Epoxy Resin Industry

KARVIL company provides paint & resin production line. We are manufacturer of various chemical processing machineries, widely used in paint, coating and resin production industries.


Ex-proof motor power ::
Inner Material:
SS304 inner cylinder: :
condenser capacity :

Unsaturated Polyester Resin Production Line with capacity 5Ton per day 

The 1st  5000L ReactorThe 2nd 8000L Dilution Reactor 
The function of 1st reactor is reaction for materials;
Add 3 tons materials in the reactor, heating to 230 ℃ and react about 16-18 hours, this process includes the separation of water and the reaction of alcohol;
After the reaction, it will be reach a certainly viscosity, cool down with cooling water immediately;
When the temperature drops to about 140-160 ℃, it will be sent to the 2nd reactor to dilution.
The function of 2nd reactor is: dilution;
Add the reaction materials from the 1st reactor to 2nd dilution reactor, which has been added toluene to dilute (Toluene qty: 2 tons);
At the same time, the dilution reactor is cooled by cooling water, which will takes about 30 -60 minutes;
When the temperature drops to about 60 ℃, the product is finished ,then filter & filling.

UPR(unsaturated polyester resin):large volume; high-speed of reaction and well distributed heat conductivity, easy operation and low cost.

UPR plant is the crucial equipment used to produce unsaturated polyester resin. The plant consists of reaction pot, vertical still,horizontal condenser, water storage tank, oil spilling groove, pipeline (double rare). The contacted part of the plant and material is made of stainless steel.

Features of unsaturated polyester resin plant.

1) Capacity: 100~20000Liters.

2) Jacket and coil pipe are used together for heating and cooling.

3) High-speed reaction and well distributed heat conductivity.

4) Consistent resin quality. 

5) easy operation and low cost.

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