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  • Q What is the horizontal ribbon mixer?

    A First of all, it’s a machine, it’s a machine for mixing material.
    That is mixing machine, it means mixer/blender.
    Let's take a look:

    What does “ribbon” mean? What’s the role?
    This is a screw paddle that looks like a spiral ribbon.
    Like this:

    It's inside the mixer, and it easier to see, it’s an important part of the mixer.
    The screw paddle is generally made into 1 layer to 3 layers, the outer screw converges the material to the center from two sides, and the inner layer of screw conveys the material to the two sides from the center to make the material effective mixing.
    What’s the characteristics of horizontal ribbon mixer?
    1. Horizontal tank body, need small space but more capacity.
    2. Gear box drive the auger shaft, low noise and low malfunction, long using life.
    3. U-shape tank bottom, better for material discharge and cleaning.
    4. Pneumatic cylinder to control the discharge exit.
    5.Air cylinder help the top cover easy open.
    6.Heating, cooling function can be realized.
    7.Customized ribbon blender available.
    8. PLC controlled, equipped with Metter-Toledo weigh modular.

    Since it’s so powerful, what is its scope of application?
    The horizontal ribbon mixer is a new type of advanced mixing machine with high uniformity, efficient, low consumption, low pollution and low damage.
    It’s not widely used in pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, dyestuff, chemical industry, but also used in plastics, ceramics, coatings, putty, mortar and other fields.
    It can mix solids with solids (namely powder and powder), solids with pastes (namely powder and slurry), and even some viscous materials can be easily mixed.
    Such as the mixing of powder, powder and liquid, especially in the mixing of paste, viscous or high specific gravity materials (such as putty, stone paint, metal powder and other products), it shows good performance.

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