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Water&Oil Based Paint Production Line

KARVIL production line is suitable for industries such as water or oil base unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd, acrylic, amino, epoxy, polyurethane, putty, color paste, latex paint, emulsion, floor paint, etc.



pulping system high-speed dispersion reaction kettle 
paint mixing  system  low-speed paint mixing reaction kettle
grinding system horizontal disc bead mill 
powder feeding system  stainless steel feeding hopper 
filtration system movable filtering device
filling system semi-automatic filling machine 
platform system It can be one, two, or three layers. The disperser can be placed on the top layer, the grinder on the second layer, and the coloring machine on the first layer. The flow from top to bottom can effectively reduce the residue in the pipeline.
piping system  sanitary grade pipeline and valve
Single machine area(special for color) single dispersing machine 

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Product Introduction
The whole set of coating production equipment adopts advanced production methods, such as vacuum automatic feeding system, metering system, disc dispersion grinding system, multi-function mixing pulping system, automatic control system, filtering and filling system, etc. The fully closed production process makes the workshop free of dust and the product fineness good. The paint mixing system can produce all kinds of high and low viscosity products. Product quality is stable, easy to clean, filling machine operation is simple, high precision, meet the requirements of various coating production process. The automatic production process reduces the operator's work intensity and avoids the quality problems caused by human factors.

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Product features
The complete set of equipment is composed of feeding system, dispersive grinding and pulping system, paint mixing system, filtering system, control system, filling system, cooling and operation platform. The production process of assembly line from feeding to discharging has high efficiency. The internationally advanced dispersive grinding system is adopted, with good fineness and stable product quality.

Flowchart of complete set of coating equipment

Product Inquiry
Karvil products have been successful used in the field of powder processing, food, medicine, fine chemical industry.