Bakery food is a convenient food made by a series of complex technological means, using flour, yeast, salt, sugar and water as the basic raw materials, adding appropriate amount of oil, dairy, eggs, additives, etc.
Karvil has developed and produced the mixing machine for more than 20 years, especially focus on the field of sigma kneader mixers, provided high-quality equipment and professional services for many enterprises.
Main equipment and function introduction:
Sigma kneader mixer:The most effective machine that is used for heavy-duty like mixing, grinding, etc, and is commonly used for high viscosity materials mixing. From experiment to production, complete specifications, high efficiency and high quality, customized equipment according to requirements.
Horizontal ribbon mixer: Widely used for mixing powder and powder, mixing a small amount of liquid powder. 
Conveyor: Including pneumatic conveying (positive and negative pressure dense phase dilute phase) and mechanical conveying (spiral bucket pipe chain and belt).

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