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1000L Sigma Mixer with Extrusion Discharge

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1000L Sigma Mixer with Extrusion Discharge

A new heavy duty sigma mixer with extrusion discharge is ready for shipment to Turkey.  The interior surfaces and blades are mirror polished. Electric chamber with vacuum system.

Sigma mixer is also known as the Z blade mixer or sigma kneader mixer.  It is widely used in chemicals production as follows: gum, bubble gum, paste, putty, cellulose, pulp, ceramics, crayon, aluminum paste, battery paste, sealant, hot melt adhesive, butyl sealant,  silicone rubber, refractory, etc.

Karvil machinery is a leading manufacturer in China which is specialized in chemical mixing equipments. And also Karvil Machinery is the supplier of Siemens and provide the sigma blade mixer for its application.

Please contact us and we will assist you in developing the right mixing solution for you.

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