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Ribbon Mixer Equipped with Spraying System

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Ribbon Mixer Equipped with Spraying System

The ribbon mixer with spraying system is a highly efficient industrial mixing equipment, commonly used in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. It achieves uniform mixing of materials and uniform distribution of liquids through its unique structural design and spraying system. 

Basic Structure of Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

U-shaped trough: The mixing trough is U-shaped and can accommodate a large amount of materials.

Ribbon agitator: It consists of two layers of inner and outer ribbons. The inner ribbon pushes the material outward, and the outer ribbon pushes the material inward. Such reverse motion ensures that the material is fully mixed in the entire trough.

Drive system: Usually includes a motor and a reducer to drive the agitator to rotate.

Spraying system: It consists of a nozzle and a liquid supply system, which can evenly spray the liquid on the mixed material.

Working of the Spraying System

The spraying system is usually installed on the upper part of the mixing trough, and the liquid is evenly distributed on the material through multiple nozzles. The liquid is transported to the nozzle through a pressurized pipe system, and the operator can adjust the amount and speed of the spraying as needed. The position and number of nozzles are designed according to the mixing requirements to ensure that the liquid is evenly distributed throughout the mixing process.

Operation Method

Material preparation: Pour the solid materials (such as powders or granules) to be mixed into the mixing tank.

Liquid preparation: Prepare the liquid to be added and connect it to the spray system.

Start Mixing

Start the agitator: Turn on the motor and start the ribbon agitator to start mixing the materials in the tank. The inner and outer ribbons move in opposite directions to promote uniform distribution of the materials.

Start the spray system: Start the spray system as needed and spray the liquid evenly onto the mixed materials through the nozzles. The spray volume and spray speed can be adjusted to achieve the best mixing effect.

Mixing Process

The agitator continues to operate, the materials are constantly turned and moved in the tank, and the liquid is evenly mixed into the materials. The spray system ensures that each part of the material can fully contact the liquid, so as to achieve uniform mixing.

Complete Mixing

When the predetermined mixing time or mixing uniformity is reached, stop the agitator and spray system. At this time, the mixed materials can be discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the tank for subsequent processing or packaging.

Application Fields

Horizontal ribbon mixers with spraying are widely used in many industries, including but not limited to:

Food industry: used for mixing seasonings, moistening grains, coating candies, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: used for wet granulation, film coating and mixing active ingredients of medicines.

Chemical industry: used for adding catalysts, controlling humidity and coating chemical reagents.

Horizontal ribbon mixers with spraying achieve efficient and uniform material mixing by combining ribbon stirring and spraying systems. This equipment has significant advantages in improving production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing production costs. For production needs that pursue precise mixing and uniform distribution, horizontal ribbon mixers with spraying systems are undoubtedly an ideal choice.

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