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Multi Shaft Mixer

  • 1. Easy to maintain.
  • 2.Optional for single, double and three shaft.
  • 3.High and low speed stirring in one device.
  • 4.Optional for various impeller blade structures.
  • 5.Optional for vacuum functuion.                                        

Product introduction

Multi-function mixer is customized mixer which can be applied in many products auch as pesticide, printing ink, adhesive, grease etc. Uaually the multi-function mixer contains the high speed and low speed and such a combination will greatly enhance the mixing efficiency , able to be applied for high viscosity material.

Techical parameters:   

Model Power (KW) Capacity (L) Disc Dia (mm) Speed (rpm) Stroke (mm) Hydraulic Power (KW)
LM2.2 2.2 50-150 150 0-1440 600 0.75
LM4 4 50-200 200 0-1440 600 0.75
LM5.5 5.5 80-250 200 0-1440 800 0.75
LM7.5 7.5 100-300 250 0-1440 800 0.75
LM11 11 100-400 250 0-1440 800 0.75
LM15 15 150-500 300 0-1440 800 0.75
LM18.5 18.5 200-800 300 0-1440 1100 1.1
LM22 22 200-1000 300 0-1440 1100 1.1
LM30 30 300-1500 350 0-1440 1100 1.1
LM37 37 400-2000 400 0-1440 1100 1.5
LM45 45 500-2500 450 0-1440 1100 1.5
LM55 55 600-3000 450 0-1440 1300 2.2
LM75 75 800-4000 550 0-1440 1800 2.2
LM90 90 1200-6000 600 0-1440 1800 2.2
LM110 110 1600-8000 700 0-1440 2100 3
LM132 132 2000-10000 800 0-1440 2300 3

  1. Easy to maintain.

  2. Optional for single, double and three shaft.

  3. High and low speed stirring in one device.

  4. Optional for various impeller blade structures

  5. Optional for vacuum function.液体详情2


High speed disperser is widely used in dispersing paste such as color paint, ink, dye, adhesion, ceramic glaze, magnetic materials, and non-metallic materials, etc.

Disperser is a good solution for mixing, dispersing and dissolving.


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Our product warranty period is one year. If the machine has broken within one year, you can send us videos and photos, and our engineers can help you analyze the problem. If you need to replace the parts, we will provide them for free within one year, and the parts will be charged after one year. The engineer's consulting service is free for life.

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Shandong Karvil Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is specializing in the research, design, manufacturing and sales of mixing machines, grinding equipment and reaction machines. The company is committed to the advanced technology of machines, strict quality control standards and perfect sales service experience to achieve a win-win situation with our customers.

Karvil products have been successful used in the field of powder processing, food, medicine, fine chemical industry, cosmetics, adhesives, paints, inks, dyes, pastes, organic solvents and ceramics, etc.

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1. Manufacturer or trading company?
We are a manufacturer with strict production standards in China.

2. Where is your company?
Our company is located in Yantai, Shandong, --Powder Equipment Industry Belt.

3. About your company's visit?
We can pick you up at Qingdao Airport conveniently, and then we can take you to our factory.

4. What is the main market of your company?
Asia and Africa, Australia, America, Europe.

5. Can you provide customized products?
Yes, we have professional engineers to meet your special design needs, so we can provide customized products.

6. What is your delivery time?
It usually takes about 20 to 30 days, the exact time also depends on the type and quantity of the product.

7. About the product warranty?
Usually, we provide a 1-year warranty for the products that have been sold, but we can also provide life-long service when you need it to maintain a long-term relationship with you.

8. What are the payment terms?
T/T, L/C, etc.

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Karvil products have been successful used in the field of powder processing, food, medicine, fine chemical industry.