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A New Ribbon Mixer has been Sent to Peru!

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A New Ribbon Mixer has been Sent to Peru!

A new ribbon mixer has been sent to Peru!

Horizontal ribbon mixer is used for powder and powder mixing, powder with a small amount of liquid mixing, suitable for food, building, chemical, agricultural and other industries, such as food powder, dry mortar powder, fertilizer, seeds, spices, coffee powder, etc. 

Karvil Machinery ribbon mixer can also be customized to suit specific applications. For example, some models include jacketed mixing chambers for heating or cooling, while others feature variable speed drives for precise control over mixing speed. 

Karvil Machinery is a leading manufacturer in China which is specialized in chemical mixing equipment. Karvil Machinery has focused on ribbon mixers for more than 20 years and has rich experience in application and production. Exported to 50+ countries, and served 20+ industries. 

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