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Jordan PE Film Granulation Line Has Been Delivered

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Jordan PE Film Granulation Line Has Been Delivered

Recently, a PE film granulation line was delivered to a company in Jordan. This advanced production line is capable of producing high-quality PE granules that can be used for various applications. The production line was designed and manufactured by Karvil Machinery which is a leading company in the plastic industry, and it is equipped with the latest technologies and features. Include extrusion granulating machine, heating system, power distribution box, cooling flume, and cutter. 

The PE film granulation line is designed to handle different types of waste films, including PE, ABS, and HDPE films. The production line is also equipped with advanced control systems that ensure the granules produced meet the required specifications.

The plastic industry has been growing rapidly in the past few decades, and the demand for plastic products has increased significantly. One of the most widely used plastics is polyethylene (PE), which is used for packaging, construction, and various other applications. To meet the increasing demand for PE products, many companies are investing in advanced production lines. The advanced plastic recycling line will help to meet the growing demand for high-quality PE products and reduce the amount of plastic waste.

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