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Ribbon Blenders for Clients in Greece and Portugal

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Ribbon Blenders for Clients in Greece and Portugal

300L and 500L horizontal ribbon blender mixers have been completed. They are going to be shipped for Greece and Portugal respectively, both for the food industry. The body is all made of food grade stainless steel. Twin-screw structure and U-shaped groove bottom. Mixing materials and cleaning machines more efficiently.

Horizontal ribbon mixer is used for powder and powder mixing, powder with a small amount of liquid mixing, suitable for food, building, chemical, agricultural and other industries, such as food powder, dry mortar powder, fertilizer, seeds, spices, coffee powder, etc.

Karvil Machinery has advanced production equipment and skilled workers, to ensure the machines in high quality and excellent working performance.

We have rich experience in different industry application, and welcome the inquiry for further discussion.

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