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Double Spiral Cone Mixer

This Double Spiral Cone Mixer can mix powder with powder, powder with liquid, especially fine powder, fiber or flaky materials. The equipment is composed of transmission part, screw stirrer and inverted conical barrel. When working, the two suspended asymmetric screws make the materials lift repeatedly through rotation and rotation, which makes the materials produce shear, convection and diffusion in the barrel, thus achieving the purpose of uniform mixing. The mixing uniformity is high and the mixing time is long. It is generally used for large batch mixing and mixing.
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Double Spiral Cone Mixer

Production Capacity: 0-10 Tons/Batch


>Equipment materials: common carbon steel and SUS304 stainless steel are available for users to choose from, meeting the requirements of hygiene, corrosion and wear resistance of different products.

>Liquid addition: liquid materials can be added into the mixer in atomized form by spraying liquid, so that a small amount of liquid can be uniformly mixed after being added.

>Heating and stirring: the mixer can be heated and cooled during stirring to meet the constant temperature requirements of various materials during stirring.

>This product has the advantages of low power requirement, high mixing uniformity and convenient discharging, which can make large equipment volume and relatively long mixing time. It is generally used in large batch mixing, such as instant noodle seasoning, dye toning and other environments.

>Because the transmission mechanism of this equipment is in the cylinder, the equipment failure and pollution to materials are not good, so it was widely used in China in the early days, and now it is slowly replaced by vertical screw belt.

Double Spiral Cone Mixer

Equipment Type  Equipment Volume
Production Volume
Mixing Quantity
Power(Kw) Revolution/Rotation
External Dimensions
Equipment Weight
MZX-100 100 30-60 <100 1.1 2/108 φ750*1580 280
MZX-1000 1000 300-600 <600 5.5 2/108 φ1480*2850 1300
MZX-4000 4000 1000-2500 <2500 11 1.8/57 φ2250*4480 2500
MZX-10000 10000 3000-6000 <5000 18.5 1.8/57 φ3020*5810 5500

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