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Horizontal Gravity-free Mixer

The product can mix powder with powder, powder with particles, especially materials with different specific gravity or particle size. Two rows of blades with different turning directions are distributed in the twin Li-shaped cylinder.During operation, materials are thrown in radial, circumferential and axial directions, forming multiple effects such as cross circulation, shear mixing and so on. Uniform mixing is achieved in a very short time, with high mixing efficiency, low energy consumption and Ii忧le pollution. This machine has high mixing speed, and batch mixing generally takes 2-3min, which is especially suitable for production in production line.
  • MWZL-100

  • Karvil

  • 847982

Equipment Volume:


>The radial, circumferential and axial throwing movement of materials to achieve uniform mixing in a very short time.

>Different stirring blades can be selected according to different material properties.

>When the proportion of materials is 1%o, the mixing uniformity reaches 98%.

>Uniform mixing of 500-mesh fine powder and 5-mm granular materials can be achieved.


Technical Parameters:

Equipment Type  Equipment Volume
Production Volume
Mixing Quantity



Speed of Main Shaft
External Dimensions
Equipment Weight
MWZL-100 100L 30-60 <100 3 0-60 1200*700*700 550
MWZL-1000 1000L 300-600 <600 11 33 1700*1800*1500 2100
MWZL-2000 2000L 500-1200 <1200 15 33 2000*2500*1700 3200
MWZL-4000 4000L 1000-2500 <2500 30 33 2500*2800*2300 5000
MWZL-6000 6000L 2000-3500 <3000 45 28 2800*3000*2500 6200
MWZL-10000 10000L 3000-6000 <5000 75 28 3000*3600*3000 9500

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