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Ribbon Blender for Powder Mixing

  • This ribbon blender was exported to Guatemala
  • 42 cu ft working capacity (53 cu ft full capacity)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Contact Surfaces
  • Interior surface with mirror polished
  • Bottom pneumatic flap discharge 
  • Equipped with: flip top cover, double ribbon shaft and center bottom discharge
  • Equipped with a timer to control the mixing time automatically
  • U-Shape tank bottom, better for powder discharge and cleaning
  • Gearbox drive the auger shaft, low noise, and long using life
【Application Industry】:
 Horizontal ribbon mixer is used for powder and powder mixing, powder with a small amount of liquid mixing, suitable for food, building, chemical, agricultural and other industries, such as food powder, dry mortar powder, fertilizer, seeds, spices, coffee powder, etc
  • WLDH-1500

  • Karvil


Ribbon-Blender-for-Powder-Mixing--_副本Standard Design(Customizable):

Contact Materials: 304 Stainless Steel 316 optional

Interior Surfaces: Polished 180 Gri

Support Steel: 304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Exterior Surfaces: Glass Bead Blasted

Discharge: Swing away flush valve with pneumatic actuation

Working Capacities: 3 to 10,000 Cubic Fee

Drive: Hollow Bore SEW Eurodrive

Loading: Loading Cover(s) with Welded Grate

Safety: Magnetic Safety Switch(s) on Main Cover

How does a ribbon mixer work?

The ribbon blender is the double spiral. The outer spiral belt pushes inward and the inner spiral belt pushes outward so that the materials form convection & tumble motion to insure thorough mixing homogeneity in short cycle times to achieve the purpose of fast and uniform stirring. When discharging the materials, the outer ribbons move the materials toward the center discharge valve.


Why Choose Karvil Machinery?

Safety - All Karvil Machinery ribbon blenders include CE markings and are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 accreditation; Safety limit switch prevents agitator from running when cover is open; Available with customizable safety grilles, automatic valves and a variety of other operator-friendly options.

Customizable - Special structural materials can be provided according to raw materials, such as wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant or other; Heavy duty, high horsepower ribbon mixers to meet high-density mixing requirements; Mechanical seals, end wall scrapers, load cell systems and other upgrades available.

Heavy Duty Design – Trough, Ends and Ribbon thickness are greater than our competitors.

Laboratory Test - In order to be able to demonstrate the advantages and modes of action of our industrial mixing machine with your products, our fully equipped modern laboratory/technical center is at your disposal.

Prior to shipping, the mixer is completely assembled and run tested.

Technical Parameters 

Spec WLDH-100 WLDH-300 WLDH-500 WLDH-1000 WLDH-1500 WLDH-2000 WLDH-3000 WLDH-4000 WLDH-6000 WLDH-8000 WLDH-10000
Total volume(L) 100 300 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 10000
Mixed amount/batch (L) 30-60 90-180 150-300 400-600 450-900 600-1200 900-1800 1200-2400 1800-3600 2400-4800 3000-6000
Power (Kw) 1.5-4 3-5.5 4-11 7.5-15 11-18.5 15-22 18.5-30 22-37 37-55 37-55 45-75
Rotating speed (RPM) 65 65 65 46 38 33 28 28 28 24 21

Our Services



In order to be able to demonstrate the advantages and modes of action of our industrial mixing machine with your products, our fully equipped modern laboratory/technical center is at your disposal.


PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERFood-Powder-Horizontal-Ribbon-Mixer-2_副本

The experienced team of engineers is specialized in the R&D and design of mixers, grinding equipment, and plastic recycling machine.  Karvil explores new technical points constantly to create perfect solutions for customers.




Karvil factory has a series of strict standard system to control the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing process, in-process inspection, and product inspection, so as to ensure the quality of our products.



karvil-dry-mortar-powder-mixer-machine karvil-soil-horizontal-ribbon-blender-mixer-machine Food-Grade-Hrizontal-Ribbon-Blender-Mixer-4 1-
karvil-feed-horizontal-ribbon-blender-mixer-machine Stainless-Steel-Horizontal-Ribbon-Blender-Mixer-for-Spices-4 karvil-medicine-mixer-machine karvil-grain-horizontal-ribbon-blender-mixer-machine


1. Manufacturer or trading company?

We are a manufacturer with strict production standards in China.

2. Where is your company?

Our company is located in Yantai, Shandong,——Powder Equipment Industry Belt.

3. About your company's visit?

We can pick you up at Qingdao Airport conveniently, and then we can take you to our factory.

4. What is the main market for your company?

Asia and Africa, Australia, America, Europe.

5. Can you provide customized products?

Yes, we have professional engineers to meet your special design needs, so we can provide customized products.

6. What is your delivery time?

It usually takes about 20 to 30 days, the exact time also depends on the type and quantity of the product.

7. About the product warranty?

Usually, we provide a 1-year warranty for the products that have been sold, but we can also provide life-long service when you need it to maintain a long-term relationship with you.

8. What are the payment terms?

T/T, L/C, etc.

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Karvil products have been successful used in the field of powder processing, food, medicine, fine chemical industry.